Here are some suggested itineraries, of which we can do part of or more if you wish. These are only suggestions and together we can build your own tailor made program in accordance with your needs desires and specifications.

These sites are mainly designed as a Christian oriented tour, for a Jewish oriented tours click here. Jewish Tour .

All touring days start after your Breakfast, so let's go…. 

Day 1:

Tiberias /Magdala/Genazareth/ Mount of Beatitudes/ Capernaum / Tabgha /Bethsaida//Korazim

After a  tour of Tiberias, we go to Magdala-The newly discovered Birth town of Mary Magdalene. We shall stop at Gennesareth- On the shores of the sea of Galilee , were we can see a discovered typical boat dated to Jesus time.We continue to Mount of beatitudes, the place where Jesus delivered the sermon on the Mount, and proceed to Tabgha, the site of the miracle of fish and loaves, and visit the Church of Multiplication with its 4th century mosaic floor., and The Church of The Primacy of Peter that commemorates Jesus' reinstatement of Peter after a fish breakfast on the shore. From there to Capernaum that was the center of Jesus activities in the Galilee and his town during that time. Jesus taught in the local synagogue. It was also the home town of the apostles Peter, James, Andrew and John, and the tax collector Matthew. Proceed to Drive to Bethsaida- The area of Bethsaida was referred in the New Testament in conjunction with two of Jesus miracles: healing the blind man and the first feeding of the Multitude. It is also known as the birthplace of some of the Apostles (Andrew, Peter, Philip).We drive to Korazim-  located above the north side of sea of Galilee, and is referred in the new testament as one of the cities                  condemned by Jesus.

We can enjoy a boat sail on the Sea of Galilee from different  locations. 

Return to Hotel for overnight 

Day 2:

Susita/Kursi/Banias/Golan Heights-Including Art Wine Agriculture & Show / Hermon Mount/Druze Village /Kibbutz /View point on Syria

Susita or Hipos-One of the Decapolis towns dated 2nd BC-8th AD, a thriving Christian center with 8 churches impressive findings on the western side of the Sea of Galilee on the slopes of the Golan Hights. Kursi- The Gospels tells how Jesus heals the madman, after sailing across the Sea of Galilee and landing in the Country of Gadarenes  He drives out the devils into a herd of swine  At Kursi, excavations restored the ruins of a 5-6th AD church and monastery, the largest Byzantine monastery in Israel, which was established  traditionally on the site of the miracle. Banias-With a diverse extended history in known to be Caesarea of Philipi, the area where the Gospel is teaching us that St.Peter made his confession of Jesus as the Messiah and the "sun of the living God" and Christ in turn gave a charge to Peter.

Golan Heights- The Volcanic open fields offers us lots of wild life and nature including endless plantations of Apples Vineyards and Cherries – we can stop and get a taste right from the friendly plantation owners, enjoy a superb view and a breath of fresh air while driving along. To a Druze Village -after a visit hearing stories about the Druze people and their secret religion, we could enjoy Druze hospitality and stop for lunch. We further or before could stop at one of Israeli wine center vinery , you have a taste of wine and learn about the Israeli wine industry , enjoy  a sound and light show , and visit a Kibbutz- appreciating the open field Art sculptures presented there, and continue to a View point on Syria- a memorial Israeli army site that saw one of the hardest battles and listen to some heroic war stories. Hermon Mount- If time and conditions allow we can drive up to the highest mountain in Israel and enjoy a superb view of the surrounding area. Return to Hotel for overnight.

Day 3:

Yardenit/ Nazareth/ Cana Galilee/ Mount Tabor/Jezreel Valley/ Nain/ Lower Galilee.

Yardenit is a popular Baptism site south of the Sea of Galilee where it spills and becomes the Jordan River. The Holy City of Nazareth- is the childhood home of Jesus, as described in the New Testament. A center of Christian faith and pilgrimage.Here we shall visit -The Church of Anunciation constracted over the House of the Holy Family (Luke 1) -St. Joseph Church, -The Synagouge Church traditionally believed to be constracted of a Jesus period synagogue where Our Lord has prayed learned and later preached before leaving Nazareth. .Mary's Well where traditionally believed to be the place Virgin Mary was announced by Angel Gabriel that she will have Jesus the sun of God. Mount of Precipice –a cliff where Jesus was rejected (Luke 4) overlooking the Jezrael Vally and Mount Tabor..We continuo to -Cana Galilee where the First Miracle probably takes place, and Nathanel house (John 1). We continuo to  -Mount Tabor for most Christians is the third holiest Mountain (After Mount Zion and Mount of Olives) and known also as the High Mountain of Transfiguration (Matthew 17 ,Luke 9). -NainWhere Jesus brought back to life the Widow's son (Luke 7) . Our day will be around the Zone known as the -Lower Galilee driving within the -Jezreel Valley. Over night in Haifa area.

Day 4 :

Haifa / Mount Carmel / Cesaria /Megiddo / Beit She'an/ Jordan Valley.

Haifa , will start with  a panoramique view of the Bahai gardens and Haifa bay continuing to the Church over a cave where the Prophet Elias resided, we shall tour parts of the Carmel Mountain and continue to -Caesarea, The administrative capital of Judea under the Romans constructed by King Herode. Visit the archeological excavations of this Mediterranean sea shore magnificent ancient city, together with the Roman theatre Aqueduct Port and city center. Continue to -Megiddo, identified as the site of Armageddon; Visit the archaeological amazing excavations among them the unique and very good preserved water supply system.-Beit She'an a fascinating excavated city with long and reach history on the junction of the Jezreel valley and the Jordan Valley.

Inhabited since Neolithic times, Beit She’an in mentioned in the battles of Saul against the Philistines, The New Testament describes Beit She'an as a member city of the Decapolis. The city was destroyed in a devastating earth quake in 749 CE, yet many parts of the city center are now exposed again,where we can see the Roman theatre ,main boulevards, the city forum ,pillars ,shops from ancient times and simply go back in times.From here we shall drive through the -Jordan Valley making our way for overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 5 :Jerusalem old City and its surrounding mountains

Mount of olives/ Ascension Place, Pater Noster /Aleone Church / Kidron Valley/ Dominus Flevit/ Church of All Nations/ Garden of GethSemane/ The Grotto and Betrayal church/ Holy Mary's Tomb/Mount Zion/ King David’s tomb and /The Room of  Last Supper/ Western Wall/ Via Dolorosa/ Holy Sepulchre and Garden Tomb.

We start by driving to -Mount of olives (The holiest Mountain for Christ believers) for a stunning panoramic view of the city , which is one of the most beautiful lookout  points in Israel. Here we'll get  an introduction, take some photos and if you wish even get a camel back ride , visit the -Pater Noster /Aleone Church where Jesus taught the "Our Father" praying and brought his disciples within the universe secrets .Continuing to Jesus -Ascension. Place. We shall be descending the Mount of olives on Jesus pathway towards the -Kidron Valley visiting the Chappell of -Dominus Flevit (In Latin: “The Lord has Wept”) is a Catholic church in the middle the Olive Mount marking Jesus'  prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem and Jesus Tears over it (Luke 19). We continue to the -Church of All Nations in the -Garden of GethSemane,-The Grotto and Betrayal church in GethSemane ,and- Holy Mary's Tomb. From here we drive to visit , -King David’s tomb and -The Room of  Last Supper on Mt. Zion (The Second holiest Mountain). Enter within the walls of the city and visit the Jewish Quarter  the Cardo, view of the Temple Mount (entrance to the mosques not included), -Western Wall, -Via Dolorosa- the traditional path from the site of the trial of Jesus to the site of his crucifixion. ,- the Church of the -Holy Sepulchre built over the Catholic traditional sites of Golgotha and the Tomb of Jesus., strolling along the oriental Bazaar of the old city, and Visit the -Garden Tomb the Protestant traditional site of the Golgotha and maybe Jesus berial place.
Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 6: Jerusalem New City(Part 1)

Ein Karem / Yad Vashem / Israel Museum-Shrine of the book / Knesset and Menorah/ The Roses Garden /Suprime Court.

Drive to -Ein Karem to visit -The Church of St. John Traditionally believed to be John's birth place and house of John the Baptist /The churchVisitation- Believed to be the place where Holy Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth Johns' Mother in "a town in the hill country of Judea” (Luke 1:39). / On our way we shall visit -Mary's well or Mary's spring traditionally believed to be the spring from which Mary has drank when visiting Elizabeth/  Proceed to -Yad Vashem, the memorial to the holocaust; Visit the -Israel Museum, the Shrine of the Book, where the dead sea scrolls are housed,  and the miniature model of Jerusalem as it was during the second temple period. We continue to visit -The Knesset (from out side-entering is possible yet needs prior planning) and The Artistic Menorah  The State of Israel National symbol. We shall walk trough admire and smell the famous Jerusalem Roses Garden (Wahall ) with its immense and diverse  roses plants this Garden is notorious for hosting the most famous democratic public demonstrations. -The Supreme Court, one of the most interesting architectural creations in Israel Home for Independent Judicial System Known for its fierce Protection of Liberties and Human Rights. Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 7:Betlehem and Jerusalem New City (Part 2)

Church on The Nativity / Shepard's Field /New Jerusalem old Center /First Knesset/Jewish Agency Building /The Jerusalem Great Synaguge/Rechavia and Talbie Neighborhoods/Prime Minister and The President Formal Houses/Mamila Center German Colony and Bak'aa Neighborhoods .

We drive to the ancient city of Bethlem to visit The -Church of Nativity constructed over the Birthplace of Jesus Crist , continue to the -Shepherds field identified as the scene where the Angel of the Lord visited the shepherds and informed them of Jesus' birth (Luke 2:8-10) , and back to New Jerusalem old Center to visit the - First Knesset building , the -House of the World Jewish Agency, -The Jerusalem Great Synaguge , and for a stroll around the small allies shops restaurants cafes to the Modern -Mamilla center Than drive to see from outside the -PM formal residence and -The President formal house driving along the beutiful neighnbrhoods of -Rechavia and Talbie ,from here we'll make our way for a tour of the famous -German Colony and Bak'aa Neighborhoods.Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 8: Old Jaffa & Tel Aviv:

The Independence Hall / The Diaspora Museum / Old Jaffa /St Peter Church/The House of Simeon the Tanner (Acts 10 ) The Port /Andromeda's Rock/ Ancient Ruins /Artistic Quarter /Flea Market / Neve Tzedek /Rothschild's Boulevard /Carmel Market / Nachalt Binyamin / Shenkin St. / Ridded Tour of Tel Aviv & Ramat-Gan Business Center.

This day starts with a visit to the -Independence hall the place where the new State of Israel has been established through the famous -Rothschild's Boulevard , we shall continue to the -Diaspora Museum a unique global institution tells the ongoing and extraordinary story of the Jewish people, continuing to -Old Jaffa an 8000 year old port town here we shall visit –St. Peter Church and the -House of Simeon the Tanner , we shall see some -Ancient Ruins and stroll among the allies of the - Artistic Quarter to the –Port, view –Andromeda's Rock,and we'll go to the -Flea Market. We shall make our way back to Tel Aviv through the First neighborhoods of -Neve Tzedek and –Nachalt Binyamin build in 1887 , continuing to -Carmel Market making our way to -Sheinkin St. To sum up our day with a -Ridded tour of Tel Aviv & Ramat-Gan Business center. Overnight in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Day 9: Judea Desert, First world Monasteries St. George Cozeiva & St.Gerasimus , Jordan river ,Jericho .  

We start our day driving east towards the Judean Desert the cradle of first Monasteries system from early 4 th. century to visit the beautiful St. George Chozeiva Monastery situated on a cliff over the Wadi (Kenyon) Kelt. Continuing to St..Gerasimus Monastery , from here we  shall continue to the banks of the Jordan River in the probable area of living of John the Baptist and more likely where he has Baptized Jesus Christ, and we go to Jericho the oldest and lowest on earth City in the world dated back to the 10 th. BC. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 10: Qumran , Massada, Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Dead Sea.

We shall Drive to Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls where found and learn about their importance to Christianty  we shell visit the ancient city of Qumran as discovered, and drive along the shore of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, to Massada A magnigficent cliff hanging fortress in the middle of the dessert overlooking the Dead Sea known to be the last stronghold of the Jews after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D. during the Great Jewish Revolt  Ascend Massada by cable car or walk (up to you to decide) The dramatic story is supported by very rich archaeological discoveries and a visitors center. Descend by cable car, and continue driving to Kibbutz Ein Gedi where we can view one of the worlds leading botanical Gardens right in the kibbutz leaving area. We shall stop at the Dead sea known for its therapeutic water and Minerals enriched Mud, if you wish a swim a float and a mud cover-up now it’s the time. Overnight in Jerusalem