My Services


Efraim Katzir Tours is managed by Efraim Katzir, an authorized and experienced tour guide in Israel, a Lawyer and a Painter.

Efraim Katzir Tours specializes in planning and organizing tours and tourist services that are suitable for Individuals, Big or Small groups, Business People, Families , and People with Special Needs.

Efraim Katzir Tours are led by me, Efraim Katzir Personally (Guiding & Driving) I have a great deal of experience and in-depth knowledge of the background of Israel, including Religions, History, Archeology, Geography, Nature, Law , Geo-Politics  , Fun , and more.

Efraim Katzir Tours  are guided in  Englsh , Hebrew or Romanian, Languages and the transportation is in new comfortable air conditioned and fully insured "Eshkol" Cars Vans Minibuses or Buses.

Efraim Katzir Tours  sightseeing vehicles, are all certified by the Ministry of  Transportaitin and are fully insured for driving people in Israel. I hold a Professional Driving license, including big Bus. The vehicle size is decided in accordance with the number of passengers.

Efraim Katzir Tours organizes and carries out  Package tours or Personally designed tours for the needs of individual or group of clients.

Efraim Katzir Tours  provides  arrival assistance, transportation, hotels, meals, visits to the different sites and highlights , or any part of these services.

Efraim Katzir Tours begins with picking up the tourist from the airport, from the hotel or from any other chosen address.
Efraim Katzir Tours will set your guests up at a hotel or a guest house of their choice, at a level of hospitality which they select, or only Guide and transport them through the sights with or without meals-up to the clients request.

Efraim Katzir Tours represent hotels of all price ranges and service classification.

Efraim Katzir Tours puts quality of service as a top priority, and I provide my clients with courteous, fair, individual and professional service, while keeping accurate schedules and adjusting to needs according to the wishes of each client.