Hello and Welcome to my site , my name is Efraim Katzir and I am a Governmentally Licensed Tourist Guide (by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism ) , born in 1966 in Jerusalem, right after high school I was recruited (as it is obligatory )to  the Israeli Army for 3 years of service in the Air Force , and from my release in 1987 until 2012 I was in the reserve army (as it is obligatory by law an Israeli soldier is called up for duty from 30 days a year up to two months a year until the age of 45) serving the IDF as a Military Law Prosecutor and a Military Law Lecturer at the IDF Law School, yet since my release from obligatory duty in 1987 I am studying and practicing different fields of interest.

I am a scholar learner thinker and Artist and with this light I am going to Guide you around Israel.

curriculum vitae regarding my  studies and practices: 

1988-1989: Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel –Greek Philosophy Math & Islam.

1989-1994: Brunel University London England , I took annual courses in Anthropology , Sociology , Psychology ,History & Politics , Yet finished my B.A in Law . Along side my studies and in order to make a living I was a teacher for youngsters in London Sunday schools teaching them Judaism Zionism and Hebrew and on other days as a Mini-Cab driver which is a good way to get to know a country.

Returned to Jerusalem Israel for apprenticeship with The Esq. Jerusalem High Court  Master of the Rolls His Hounarable Judge Amnon Cohen between the years 1994-1995 

1995- Admitted to the Israeli Law Bar and practiced as a Court Litigator from 1996 until nowadays operating from my Boutique law office situated right in the hart of picturesque German Colony in Jerusalem- a neighborhood I grow up in.

1996-1998: Research Studies for M.A. at the Hebrew University in the fields of Criminal Law and Criminology-A multi disciplinary course that involves a lot of social studies (Psychiatry / Psychology  Sociology statistics and Law).

All other time I participated in different courses and I read and wrote as an auto didact in fields of Economics , History , Religion, Security , Media , Human rights and Freedoms some of which where publicized in different medias.

I was invited to participate in different meeting and discussions among them forums closed to Press and others opened to Press , with different people participating in them for example , Prime Ministers of Israel Ministers and Members of Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Professors and other Most famous Public opinion shapers ,Journalists , Supreme Court Judges , Ambassadors from different countries , Business People –Among them the most rich and famous of the world and mainly of the Richest of the Jewish Nation.

At other times I walked among lay people of Israel from all sectors Classes , Religions , the poor and needy ,  criminals , rebels ,  hippies and fricks, homeless , hard day working people , religious zealots , artists and free thinkers , liberals , democrats , republicans  , and whoever had to say something under every fresh tree or a road corner, and as Hilel The Older (A first century Before Christ ,Jewish Leader descendant from his Mother line from King David , Buried in The Northern Galil Meron Mountain) said,  From all my teachers I learned but from my pupils I  learned  the most , I would like to offer my self to be your Guide in Israel and the knowledge information enthusiasm and fun that I stock in me shall be shared with you while we travel and see all the places of interest that exist in our Holy Land , and when I say our I mean also yours since the Holy Land is the Land of those who believe it is Holy.

(The Older Hilel Grave Cave & the Cave of Studing with his Pupils in Meron Mountain Northern Galil)


My passion for Israel and travel , my will to go out of my office and Court Rooms and be on the move together with my Love for teaching as brought me to become a Tourist Guide. For your information In Hebrew and in Israel a tourist guide is called a WAY TEACHER or in Hebrew MORE DERECH which is basically a teacher but on the move, on the ways, and as a teacher you must show, guide, explain, yet be sensitive to the learners, travelers, pilgrims or tourist needs , since I am only trying to break the walls of separation or bring Love to the world I do take in to consideration the words of Pink Floyd "Hey Teacher leave those Kids alone" and only feed the tourist traveling with me, the information they are interested in.

Another passion of mine is Painting and I am a Painter mainly Oil on Canvas , My office is also my Gallery and Work shop and you are invited to see my unique space and Gallery that is also my law office, a concept shop , on 23 Emek Refaim St. German Colony Jerusalem Israel, (By the way , Emek Refaim St. is translated as The Ghosts Valley) , a place mentioned in the Old Testament an ancient way connecting  between the Cities of Bet Lechem and Jerusalem , around 6 Miles or 10 Kilometers between Modern Jerusalem and Bet Lechem, a way that probably King David and other Kings, Many Prophets, Jesus and the Apostils, did quite enough times, and thanks God I am situated right in the middle of these points.

Thus today I am sharing my free time (after the time devoted to my family) to 3 main Loves of mine, Traveling & Guiding Tourist , Painting , and Legal Practice, and as once I was told by a teacher of mine : as Konfosios  said, Love what you do and you shall not work a day in your life I am trying to live by this code, and I get (Thanks God) this satisfaction and fid back from tourist that enjoy Israel with me to its most extreme , whether its their vacation or pilgrimage . (Please read people have wrote me by clicking Testimonials).